Lilac and Codex


TL;DR: Check out my new open source projects, Lilac (GitHub) and Codex (GitHub)!


Lilac builds on top of Emacs Orgmode to make Literate Programming (LP) targeting HTML much more pleasant than the default experience. It’s unapologetically opinionated. It encourages heavy use of Noweb-style references.

Most people don’t believe in LP, which means it’ll get little use. But there is at least one user, officially…


Codex uses Lilac! Codex is a collection of blogpost-worthy solutions for some programming problems. I’m mainly doing this because it’s really fun for me when I dive deep into technical problems.

Using Lilac and LP is a natural choice for Codex, because many (if not all?) the topics are small enough to be read and understood in one sitting. Bite-sized knowledge, my favorite!

LP is amazing

I’m starting to think that any new programming project of mine should be done with LP. There’s already been numerous times when I had to dig deep into Lilac to edit things around after taking a long break, fearing that I may have trouble regaining context to become productive; and each time I was surprised to see how easy it was to context-switch.

Thank you, Donald Knuth, for introducing LP to the world!