Review: AKG K702 Headphones

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I got a pair of the famous AKG K702 (manufacturer refurbished for $210) fullsize headphones, and well, here’s my review. Previously, I was using the Nuforce NE600M (purchased new December 2012 for $30) earbuds. Comparing these two is unfair, because they are not really designed to compete with each other; however, I must say that I was shocked by how much better the K702s sounded. As a side note, I only use these headphones for my laptop/PC, and I always use the Total Bithead headphone amp/DAC.




I love my K702s. Interestingly, I have gotten used to a much louder volume with this pair of headphones than with my 600Ms. Let me explain. I usually listen to music on medium/low, but I can now listen to loud pop songs on high volume without any discomfort. I think it has something to do with the bigger sound stage (open back design, plus the way the speakers are physically further away from my eardrums).

My 600Ms don’t sound as clean and awesome as they used to; for one, they have too much bass and the sound feels very muddied, as if the sound is coming from another room with the door closed. I had no idea that a simple headphone upgrade could change my attitude to computer audio so much. Unfortunately, as much as I loved the 600Ms when I first got them, I can’t really stand them now…

I strongly recommend these headphones, or another similarly-priced model (the Beyerdynamic DT-770 is a longtime competitor) to anyone who has never invested more than $50 on a pair of headphones. You will definitely hear the difference, given a decent amp/DAC.