Papers & Slides

Here is a list of more serious work. “Serious” here means anything that took me more than a few sittings to write and revise, as anything that takes less than that would most likely just get uploaded as a blog post.


Bitscans and De Bruijn Sequences (2014)


I wrote this paper originally in 2011–2012, but it was not released until it was finally revised in 2014.

Haskell for Newbies (tentative title, coming 2016)

This will be a short PDF on getting started writing Haskell programs. The goal of the paper will be to introduce Haskell to beginners, and to explain things without any reference to mathematics dealing with category theory.


Git: Your Favorite Tool (July 2015)

Source PDF

These slides are from a talk I gave internally at Twin Prime. I designed the slides so that they are readable as-is, without a real presentation. Last but not least, I hereby release these slides into the Public Domain — do whatever you like with them!